CIICA aims to close the gap in Cochlear Implant provision and ensure lifelong support for all who could benefit.

I think CIICA has a very promising future and a great job ahead of it. It is a meeting point for everyone to take advantage of the experiences carried out in other countries and generate a great collective conscience. - Joan Zamora, AICE, Spain

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Next CIICA LIVE Event: Adult CI Rehabilitation, what is needed?  Monday, 29 November. Register now!



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World Health Organisation launches Hearing Screening: Considerations for Implementation, so important to enable early intervention


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We now have the Synopsis of the CI evidence in the World Report on Hearing available in German and in Italian. Thanks! See here

See all captioned presentations from CIICA LIVE events: The CI evidence from World Report on Hearing; CI Advocacy and how we do it; Ci Funding, challenges and priorities. ciicanet.org/events

Next CIICA LIVE Event: Adult CI Rehabilitation, what is needed? Register here - ciicanet.org/events

See the video of Malala’s inspiring story and how to share videos from children and young people with hearing loss. Malala Fund and hearing health not-for-profit Cochlear Foundation, have partnered to raise awareness of hearing loss and remove it as a barrier to education. See ciicanet.org/news

We now have over 40 languages available on our website – go to the top right of home page and choose your language!

British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG) publishes the latest UK CI data, showing the trends during the pandemic and this challenging time. Their figures over the years are also available. See ciicanet.org/news.

Two more summaries of the CI evidence available in WHO World Report on Hearing: one on Children’s CI evidence and one on Adult CI evidence. Download them here ciicanet.org/resources

New Zealand doubles investment in Cochlear Implants after campaign by Pindrop - Read more

New Resources available: CI Advocacy and The World Report on Hearing. A Briefing and a Synopsis for you to download and use and share. Synopsis available in Dutch, Turkish and Russian. More on the way. Go to ciicanet.org/resources

Research Roundups: we now have 6 research round ups of some of the latest published research papers relevant to our objectives and their key points for advocacy work. We hope that they are helpful and also inspire you to read the full papers! Go to: Research Roundups

The Sound of Misinformation? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences brings on their Oscar Awards April 25, 2021. “Sound Of Metal,” has been nominated for six awards:what does it convey about CI? See the discussion and have your say too. Read more

New evaluation concludes that insufficient evidence to support hearing screening for adults in the US – in spite of evidence in the World Report on Hearing. Read about it at News