CIICA provides an opportunity for a new way of working for cochlear implant advocacy groups and individuals, with opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

Hearing loss has real health consequences and a huge economic impact on individual and society – we need to take action – we have a story to tell...


We aim to close the gap in Cochlear Implant provision and ensure lifelong support for all who could benefit.

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The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

HLAA is to hold a patient-focused meeting with FDA – open to all: a great opportunity! 

Tuesday May 25th 2021

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Join our global community: we have messages from our supporters around the world

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In our first week – over 200 registered to join the CIICA Community from round the globe – individuals and organisations. Thanks to all for the positive messages and welcome to all who share our vision and goals...

Here in Australia and throughout the world, people are missing out on the opportunity of hearing. Hearing which a cochlear implant can provide. I fully support CIICA – this is such an exciting initiative.

Prof Catherine Birman, Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre

I’m a CI user and an ENT specialist for rehabilitation – and I know the change CI makes to life. But..it’s only if we have rehabilitation and after care – not just the CI operation. I support CIICA as part of the advocacy community to make this change.

Harald Seidler, CI User and ENT specialist, Germany

Hearing is such a valuable gift that once you lose it, getting it back is a lifetime commitment to technology and rehabilitation. CIICA will further CI advocacy work globally and I believe those of us in the developing countries will benefit from such a platform to gain stability in our own advocacy efforts for CI

Eddie Mukaaya, Founder and Executive Director, Hear His Voice Uganda

CI related organizations must create global synergies to achieve access to cochlear implantation at any age, especially with the elderly in a more ageing society

Teresa Amat - EURO-CIU President

I am thrilled and excited that something like this is happening. I would love to be a part of this and contribute in whatever way I can.

Asst Prof Neelam Vaid, Head of BIG EARS CI programme, Pune, India

Nowadays, hard of hearing or deaf people have the possibility to restore the hearing function, but a few people are aware of this. Thus, as representative of the Italian Association AGUAV, I’m honoured to be one of the Founding Members of this new alliance CIICA, because I’m strongly convinced that the associations of CI users and parents of CI children are absolutely crucial to communicate worldwide the right information about the possibility to restore the hearing function to hear life again!

Beatrice Cusmai, Vice Presidente AGUAV & Delegato EURO-CIU

Cochlear implant uptake, availability and after-care are woefully inadequate in so many countries. Advocacy around these issues is vitally important by consumers, professionals and interested persons working together. We are part of CICCA to further this important work.

Ruth Warick, President, International Federation of Hard of Hearing People

CI technology is wonderful but the voice of the person with hearing loss is also needed to create awareness. HLAA is pleased to be part of this important work.

Barbara Kelley, Executive Director, Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

CIICA will empower CI users to pursue the necessary changes we need to guarantee our access to hearing technologies worldwide. Long life to CIICA.

Paula Pfeifer, Cronicas de Surdez, Brazil