What do we do?

Our Vision for CIICA

The vision of CIICA is a world in which awareness of the benefits of CI are well known to those with deafness and hearing loss, their families, professionals in the field of deafness and hearing loss, the general public and public health decision makers. A world where access to CI and lifelong support is available for all appropriate.

Our Goals

to connect people and encourage them to be active themselves..

To increase the number of people globally who have access to cochlear implants and lifelong support by:

  • Raising the international global awareness of the health, social and economic benefits of cochlear implants for those who could benefit from implantation, health care practitioners and wider society.
  • Empowering user led advocacy and awareness raising activity to influence governments and health funders to invest in addressing the under provision of CIs and other implantable technologies, related habilitation, after care and up-grades.
  • Supporting CI advocates with the tools they need to achieve change.

Our agreed objectives

  • To share user and family driven advocacy via a shared digital platform: the Community of Action.
  • To empower CI user groups globally
  • To foster collaboration across the CI sector
  • To enhance the global impact of user advocacy on CIs
  • To influence public policy decisions on hearing health and CI
  • To provide an opportunity for data collection, and user driven research on CIs
  • To develop and support advocates to become regional and global leaders in their community and have greater impact internationally.
  • To exchange resources and research updates

Our Annual Report 2023

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