International CI Day, Feb 25th

This year on International CI Day, we welcome CIICA! Each year celebrates the first cochlear implants by French surgeons and scientists : Djourno and Eyries … beginning the journey to today’s amazing implants, transforming the lives of deaf people.

This year we launch CIICA – the CI International Community of Action with the goal of tackling the gap in CI provision and lifelong services for those who can benefit. Even after over 50 years, and proven benefit, only one in twenty receive implants globally and ongoing care is patchy. Join the CIICA community to increase access globally to CI and the provision of lifelong CI services.

See the celebrations and videos for International CI Day at:

Euro-CIU’s presentation to the European Parliament:

In Italy press interest in International CI Day and CIICA:

CI DAY 25th February 2020 I want to hear. Can you hear me? | AGUAV – Associazione Genitori ed Utenti Audiovestibologia Varese ODV – E.T.S.

From Pindrop,NZ, a new commitment to CI funding from NZ government on International CI Day!

Gal Katalin of Associatia Perspective  Romania shares their videos for International CI day : follow the youtube link: