World Hearing Day, March 3 2021

World Hearing Day is celebrated annually on 3 March – this year’s theme is Hearing Care for ALL… SCREEN: REHABILITATE: COMMUNICATE and here you will find infographics to support your ongoing adovcacy work:

Each year is a different theme and global action has grown – last year there were 588 activities registered around the world, from 108 countries. Looking on the website to see examples is interesting! If you look at Celebrating World Hearing Day ( you will see this year’s information as well as all the preceding years.

Join their Facebook page and visit #hearathon #hearingcare to see the worldwide events which took place this year throughout the day.

And in EUROPE – the Virtual Lunch Debate 12.30-14.30 took place with over 500 registrants and here is the link for the landing page so you can see the programme:

Members of our Community throughout the world held events to celebrate World Hearing Day, inspired by the work of WHO.

From the UK an article from the National Association of Deafened People by Sue Archbold and Lidia Best on ensuring hearing care for all:

The Lancet publishes data on Hearing Loss and the Global Burden of Disease in support of WHO report

A paper on The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) looking at the prevalence of hearing loss in 2019, as well as the condition’s associated disability has been published by the Lancet today 13 March 2021.

The paper finds that “hearing loss was ranked as the third most common cause of YLDs (years lived with disability) in the GBD. Compared with other disease categories in the GBD, age-related and other hearing loss was the third largest cause of global YLDs in 2019 after low back pain and migraine, and was ranked first among sensory disorders.”

early rehabilitation along with use of hearing devices such as cochlear implants are also cost-effective, despite large costs associated with initial technology investments and the risks of infectious complications after implantation.

Lancet 2021

CIICA will be doing a full analysis of the paper which will be available in the member’s section shortly. The paper can be accessed at the link below;

Hearing loss prevalence and years lived with disability, 1990–2019: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 DOI:


World Hearing Report – launch March 3 2021

World Hearing Day 2021 saw the launch of the FIRST World Report on Hearing – a landmark moment in the development of Ear and Hearing Care and a document really useful as an advocacy tool for use with policy makers and funders. Congratulations to Shelly Chadha and her team who have worked so hard to achieve such a comprehensive report. The WHO launch from Geneva included inspirational talks from users of implants and Dr Chadha’s clear message was that:


See Dr Chadha speaking about the World Report on Hearing here:

The Vision of the Report is a “world in which no individual experiences hearing loss due to preventable cases, and those with hearing loss achieve their full potential through rehabilitation, education and empowerment.”

With forewords including Malala Yousafzi, the Nobel Laureate and UN messenger of peace, herself with a hearing loss, and Bryan Adams, musician, we have strong messages to carry forward. In Bryan Adams words: “music is everything and so is your hearing. Keep rockin’: be safe.”

The key messages are : 

  • The number of people living with unaddressed hearing loss and ear diseases is unacceptable. 
  • Timely action is needed to prevent and address hearing loss across the life course. 
  • Investing in cost effective interventions will benefit people with hearing loss and bring financial gains to the society. 
  • Countries must integrate people-centered ear and hearing care within national health plans for universal health coverage.

It will be a great tool for us all working for change in ear and hearing care:

Download the full report here:

Download Executive Summary and useful infographics here to support advocacy work: Highlighting priorities for ear and hearing care – World Report on Hearing (


International CI Day, Feb 25th

This year on International CI Day, we welcome CIICA! Each year celebrates the first cochlear implants by French surgeons and scientists : Djourno and Eyries … beginning the journey to today’s amazing implants, transforming the lives of deaf people.

This year we launch CIICA – the CI International Community of Action with the goal of tackling the gap in CI provision and lifelong services for those who can benefit. Even after over 50 years, and proven benefit, only one in twenty receive implants globally and ongoing care is patchy. Join the CIICA community to increase access globally to CI and the provision of lifelong CI services.

See the celebrations and videos for International CI Day at:

Euro-CIU’s presentation to the European Parliament:

In Italy press interest in International CI Day and CIICA:

CI DAY 25th February 2020 I want to hear. Can you hear me? | AGUAV – Associazione Genitori ed Utenti Audiovestibologia Varese ODV – E.T.S.

From Pindrop,NZ, a new commitment to CI funding from NZ government on International CI Day!

Gal Katalin of Associatia Perspective  Romania shares their videos for International CI day : follow the youtube link: