CIICA was delighted to be mentioned in the opening speech by Prof Emmanuel Mylanus at the European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implantation in Rotterdam, where he thanked Sue Archbold for her inspiration and support. The conference had a great atmosphere- exchanging inspiration after so long!

We met many friends and members at our stand – and attracted more!  Many visitors came to learn about our advocacy services -and take our resources…

Stuart McNaughton, Rihab Alikalil, Brian Lamb and Sue  led a stimulating session on Sustainable CI Services – why and how do we deliver them? Manu from Brazil shared her challenges in everyday life, and Qais shared what he would like from his CI service – accessibility. Interacting with the delegates was easy with the Chatbox…

Qais talks about what he wants from his CI services
Manu talks about the biggest challenges as a deaf person

Five young people with CI shared their experiences in an inspiring session, led by Rob Beenders, himself a CI user. A young doctor could hear a mother’s heartbeat with a special stethoscope with blue tooth. These young people had a great time socialising too – at the network event! 

Brian Lamb shared CIICA’s Spend2Save work in looking at sustainability for CI services –

managing hearing loss well actually saves society money as well as changing lives.

Our adult survey includes responses from young adults, implanted as a child, and Sue shared these too – including the comment:  

I’ve always heard through a cochlear, it’s all I know.


Deaf Cochlear Implant User advocates at the United Nations for inclusive cities for all

The United Nations Youth Forum gave Qais Khan, a board member of CIICA, the unique opportunity to advocate as a young deaf person with a CI – and to ensure that people listened to what is needed to make cities accessible and sustainable and safe for all. Thanks to Bowen Tang and International Federation of Hard Of Hearing Young People for the opportunity!

From delivering speeches and meeting young leaders from around the world, these images show Qais networking at United Nations Youth Forum.


CIICA Live comes to YouTube! The World Report on Hearing and Cochlear Implant Advocacy. The evidence.

Here are the presentations from our exciting webinar! Down load our briefings at

Leo De Raeve’s introduction about CIICA and our speakers.

Paige Stringer talks about the World Report on Hearing and it’s importance for us all.

Sue Archbold shares the evidence about CI from the report to use in advocacy work download the briefing in resources.

Beatrice Cusmai challenges us to use social media and the press “we must make our wave of information that let’s people hear the sounds of life”

Eddie Mukaaya inspired us. He managed to get the government in Uganda to waive the taxes on hearing technologies!

Cathy Birman challenges us to choose one of the advocacy ideas and get active!