HLLA’s Patient-focused meeting with Food and Drug Administration of America

HLAA Meeting

HLAA’s Externally-Led Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting (https://www.hearingloss.org/hlaa-pfdd/) was held on May 25.  This was a real opportunity to ensure patient engagement has a role in shaping future hearing loss treatments and creating a deeper understanding by FDA of the impact of hearing loss on individuals and their quality of life. The voice of those with hearing loss was certainly heard loud and clear!

Most of the comments that were collected before the meeting, during the live meeting and up until June 25 will be included in a “Voice of the Patient” report to be published in the fall. The comments that are not included in the report will be shared in a separate, online PDF. Thank you to all of you whose support made this meeting possible.

The May 25 HLAA interactive virtual meeting, had 411 unique views. There were 712 people who pre-registered for the meeting. The meeting recording is coming soon – and we look forward to moving on with this exciting initiative!


14 April 2021