Nordic Declaration on Adult Cochlear Implantation

On World Hearing Day, 2022 we were delighted to share the Nordic Declaration on Adult Cochlear implantation : IMPROVING ACCESS TO COCHLEAR IMPLANTS FOR ADULTS.

Only one in ten adults who could benefit receive cochlear implants. Patient organisations in all Nordic countries want to change this and have therefore joined forces to formulate a declaration to be used to politicians and other key stakeholders. You may find it helpful thinking about your own region.

This declaration focuses on adults over 18 years with severe to profound hearing loss, of over 65dB7:

All adults with severe to profound hearing loss should be eligible to be evaluated for CI’s.

• Professionals who see those with Hearing Loss must have up to date information and guidelines for when and how to refer patients to CI teams.
• For adults eligible for CI’s, access to assessment and treatment should be provided without any unnecessary delay.
• Established indications and guidelinesshould be matched with adequate resources and funding.
• Adults with severe to profound hearingloss should get access to optimal hearing care in both ears, including bilateralimplants.
• CI is a lifelong treatment.
• For the severe to profoundhearing-impaired every technology improvement counts. Hence regularly updating to the latest technology is required, with a minimum replacement every five years.
• Consumables such as batteries, coils, remote controls, swimming kit for CIs,  activation of telecoil, BT/streamers and microphone filters should be funded
• As a long term goal, adult screening should be introduced routinely from the age of 50 years as per the WHO recommendations for adult screening: (WHO, Hearing Screening handbook, 2021).
• Each country should have independent data collection for cochlear implantation      to assist planning services.

Download the document NORDIC-DECLARATION-FInal-1

By accepting and committing to the declaration, the Nordic region will be set to lead the world in providing comprehensive, sensible and fair cochlear implant provision for adults. Cochlear implants are life-changing sound investments, restoring good hearing to most severely and profoundly deaf adults who strive to hear, comments Robert Mandara, VP EURO-CIU, Finland

11 March 2022