Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss: CI access in developing countries

The Fascinating Science and Miracle of Cochlear Implants: Improving Access in Developing Countries

Discover magazine recently published this article about the work of The Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss on improving CI access in developing countries:

Paige and her organisation work passionately for children in low and middle income countries to ensure that children with hearing loss and their families everywhere can access what they need. Th article gives a fascinating insight into this challenging area.

The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss is a United States nonprofit organization that works internationally. It aims to make a direct and lasting impact on children living in low and middle income countries who are deaf or hard of hearing by working with government partners and local organizations across health care and early education to establish locally-based professional expertise and in-country services in hearing screening, hearing technology, and rehabilitation that these children need to listen and speak and achieve their full potential.  The organization currently has programs in Bhutan, Mongolia, and Vietnam and previously in Ecuador.  Learn more at:

12 July 2021