Progress Report from Barnplantorna, Sweden: Family intervention/hearing rehabilitation

Barnplantorna published its report, concerning the work that the family intervention teams do (or the lack of it) in all 22 regions that Sweden is divided in. The report,  Family interventions, hearing interventions, is there a consensus across the Swedish regions? was launched by Ann-Charlotte Gyllenram.  She says:

A questionaire was sent out to all the teams in April 2021. Five of them did not answer, although we sent out a reminder. The report confirms that that we still in Sweden have far to go before national guidelines  concerning family intervention is established.

It is a different group of children today and we need to define what we mean by deaf children in Sweden otherwise we end up giving intervention out of old standard. Today’s deaf children; a majority have a developable hearing function and for that group this must be regarded concerning family intervention.

Read the report (in Swedish): but Google translate is always helpful!

horselrapport_2022-03-01.pdf (

Read the pressrelease on Mynewsdesk today here:

Rapport visar att nationell samsyn saknas avseende familjeintervention | BARNPLANTORNA (

 Also  visit Barnplantorna’s webpage:  

Lägesrapport: Familjeintervention/hörselhabilitering – finns det en samsyn i regionerna? – Barnplantorna

11 March 2022