The Columbian President promotes inclusive masks

La Ley 2069 de 2021, sancionada este 2 de julio, por el Presidente colombiano, Iván Duquebusca promover e incentivar el uso de tapabocas inclusivos y demás elementos transparentes, con el fin de permitir y garantizar la comunicación de personas con discapacidad auditiva.

Law 2069 of 2021, sanctioned on July 2, by the Colombian President, Iván Duque, seeks to promote and encourage the use of inclusive masks and other transparent elements, in order to allow and guarantee the communication of people with hearing disabilities.



And Patricia adds – did you know that transparent masks have not been an “invention” in times of the current pandemic, they have had so much time to do it … Almost 100 years ago, the transparent mask was already thought of. Published in Mechanix Illustrated magazine, June 1938



18 August 2021