Hearing loss, dementia and stigma

Jan Blustein, MD, PhD shared with us a piece she recently wrote with colleagues about the pitfalls of stigmatizing messages on this topic: “It’s time to change our message about hearing loss and dementia” , published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.   Here is another paper on the topic: A Closer look at Hearing Loss, Dementia and Stigma.  (Blustein, Jan MD, PhD; Weinstein, Barbara E. PhD; Chodosh, Joshua MD, MSHS) published in the Hearing Journal with open access at https://journals.lww.com/thehearingjournal/Fulltext/2023/06000/A_Closer_Look_at_Hearing_Loss,_Dementia,_and.1.aspx?context=FeaturedArticles&collectionId=2

She and her co-authors suggest we use positive messages such as “Hearing better helps you to think better.” Jan would love to hear any comments- and invites them here.

Jan Blustein, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine and Population Health (Research), NYU School of Medicine

Professor of Health Policy and Medicine (Emerita), NYU/Wagner



5 July 2023