13th Symposium of EURO-CIU: Cochlear implants now and in the future

Cochlear implants now and in the future:  What do we know and what can we expect?
          Rotterdam-The Netherlands 


Independent Platform C Implantation-the Netherlands (OPCI) and Independent Information Centre on Cochlear Implants-Belgium (ONICI) was pleased and honoured to host the 13th European congress of EURO-CIU entitled ‘Cochlear implants now and in the future’,  in Rotterdam-the Netherlands on 11 & 12 November 2022.

Go to EURO-CIU website for more information.https://eurociu.eu/13th-international-symposium-eurociu-rotterdam-2022-netherlands/

CI users themselves played an important role at this conference, as 1 out of 3 of the presenters was a CI-user or parent of a child with a CI. You can find the conference program below.

Hennie Epping, Peter Helmhout, Henk van Rees & Leo De Raeve

the EURO-CIU 2022 steering group, a joint initiative of OPCI and ONICI

    Friday 11 November 2022
Time Speakers name Title Presentation
8.30-9.00h                               Registration & coffee
9.00-9.10h Hennie Epping, OPCI (NL) Welcome + introduction
9.10-9.22 Teresa Amat, EURO-CIU (ESP) 25 years Euro-CIU
9.22-9.35h Representative Rotterdam Welcome by the city of Rotterdam
9.35-09.55h Mark Laureyns, WHO (B) How can we leverage the World Report on Hearing (WHO) to minimize the impact of untreated hearing loss?
9.55-10.15h Prof. Johan Frijns, LUMC, Leiden (NL) Cochlear Implants in the future: what can we expect?
10.15-10.35h Robert Mandara, EURO-CIU (FI) The importance of CI advocacy
10.35-11.05h                              Coffee break & Exhibition
11.05-11.25h Presenter OPCI  (NL) Adult cochlear implant advocacy in the Netherlands
11.25-11.45h Anita Grover, AV (UK) Habilitation after CI
11.45-12.05h Harald Seidler, ZAB Neunkirchen (D) Good practice in rehab after CI in adults
12.05-12.25h Katrien Timmerman, KIDS, Hasselt (B)  Output without input?
12.25-13.35h                               Lunch & Exhibition
13.35-13.55h André Goedegebure, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (NL) Impact of CI on the brain in adults & children
13.55-14.15h Enrico Migliorini (It), MOSAICS project Unravelling speech errors may lead to improved speech understanding
14.15-14.35h Aimée van Loo, University College Zuyd, Heerlen (NL) What to do in rehabilitation after cochlear implant?
14.35-15.05h                              Coffee break & Exhibition
15.05-15.25h Prof. Astrid van Wieringen, KULeuven (B) CI in children with single-sided deafness: longitudinal data of language and hearing
15.25-15.45h Brian Lamb, CIICA (UK) What does a CI cost?
15.45-16.05h Leo De Raeve, ONICI (B) Closing Session
16.05-16.25h David Aris (NL) DJ with two CI’S