National Conference ”Together for Hearing” in Romania

The importance of hearing. Does Romania hear?

In the period 1st to 3rd of March, 2024 was held the 4th edition of National Conference ”Together for Hearing” at Bran, Romania. At the Conference organized at the initiative of Perspectives Association for Hearing Impaired Children attended the leaders and representatives of 11 associations from Romania, associations that provide support for hearing impaired children and young adults who wear cochlear implants or hearing aids. Our special guests were dr. Leo de Raeve, President of CIICA (Cochlear Implant International Community of Action) and Mrs. Rodica Biró, General Director of the County House of Health Insurance Mureș. Many thanks for their profesionalism and work!




The following topics were discussed:

  • Equitable access of hearing-impaired children to implantation resources and (re)habilitation – Does it exist?
  • Operating models of Cochlear Implantation programs in other countries; Transparency, Waiting lists, The importance of National Register, Health tourism because of long waiting lists;
  • Standards of care for cochlear implanted children;
  • Neonatal Auditory Screening; How can we provide equal chances for families with poor incomes?
  • The importance of hearing. Does Romania hear?

The represented associations have developed a joint action plan to improve the functioning of the National Cochlear Implantation Program in Romania and they decided to militate for achieving of National Register