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PORA! 27.11.22 with Colleen Psarros (Australia)

Telepractice: One size does not fit all

Telepractice in hearing health care was, in general,  highly underutilised until the COVID-19 pandemic. Barriers and facilitators for its use in CI service delivery prior to the pandemic were predominantly organisationally based. Clinical models and protocols were structured around within clinic care with clinicians acting as the gatekeepers to accessing novel methods of care. With the pivot to telepractice due to the pandemic we have identified the psychosocial factors that contribute to potential underutilisation of telepractice. In this session we will identify ways we can bridge existing gaps in use of a telepractice method of CI care, but most importantly identify ways users of CI and their families can access the model of care best suited to their needs.

PORA! 11.12.22 with Emilia Leongard (Russia) and Susann Schmid-Giovannini (Austria, Switzerland)
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