Consultative meeting on the accessibility of the European Youth Centres

The Youth Department of the Council of Europe launched a call for experts to participate in a consultative meeting on improving the accessibility of the European Youth Centres and the activities of the youth programme of the Council of Europe held from 19-21 June in Strasbourg. The consultative meeting brought together an interdisciplinary group of expert stakeholders with real-life experience of the accessibility challenges, concerns, and needs of young people with disabilities. The aim was to build a comprehensive understanding of these issues and their implications for the European Youth Centres and the youth programme of the Council of Europe, with a view to agreeing on a plan for improving accessibility and inclusion.

Qais Khan had the great privilege of attending this consultative meeting in France to discuss the accessibility of the Council of Europe Youth Activities and its European Youth Centres. Together with 14 experts with disabilities from over 10 countries, they emphasised the urgent need to prioritise accessibility measures at the European Youth Centre and within the Council of Europe.

Having visited both European Youth Centres in Strasbourg and Budapest over the past two years, Qais provided input based on their expertise to support mainstreaming inclusiveness for young people living with disabilities. Qais had a pleasure to work with fellow experts Zara Todd, Karina Chupina, and others. The group addressed accessibility and inclusiveness by developing a list of priorities and producing more than fifty recommendations across various areas, including policy, cooperation with partners, youth work practices, and both digital and physical environments. They look forward to seeing the changes their collective efforts and input will bring, creating an inclusive and accessible future for generations to come.


1 July 2024