Adult Hearing Screening: why wait any longer?

Adult Hearing Screening: why wait any longer?

This report provides information on Adult Hearing Screening, on screening issues and techniques available, the follow up required and the views of adults with hearing loss on screening. Adult hearing loss is the greatest cause of Years Lived with Disability over the age of 70, yet people leave it for years before seeking help. Adult Hearing Screening has been debated and recently the US Preventative Task Force concluded that there was insufficient evidence to recommend it. However, the recently published World Report on Hearing (WHO,2021) supports hearing screening for adults, concluding that hearing screening for adults over 50 years gives a Return on Investment (P91-92 of the Report).

“To address this gap, it is essential to provide active screening services for older adults in an easy and accessible manner, followed by suitable interventions.” (World Report on Hearing, P90) 

Download the report here.

WHO World report on Hearing 2021