Resources for Teachers of the Deaf @BATOD

The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf have a range of resources and reports which are really useful.  If you go to  you will find many resources which are useful in school and for parents.

They publish the reports from Consortium for Research in Deaf Education (CRIDE) annually at CRIDE reports – BATOD

These reports are unique, providing annual information about deaf children in the UK and their education. Have a look!

The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf provide a number of helpful resources on their website and among these are some from Helen Willis.  In our Young People’s CIICA LIVE event, spoke about Listening and Cognitive Effort and what we know from neuroscience to help manage this – go to to  see her captioned presentation.

If you go to you will find two resources from Helen: one for children and one for adults.

Going for Gold: a resource to empower deaf children  (adults) with cochlear implants to manage listening effort.