CIICA CONVERSATION for 18-30’s What are your communication challenges: how do you manage them?

We tend to be very hard on ourselves but we need to be mindful of the amount or energy
we put into communication.
We are hard-working communicators!
Because being deaf and being cochlear implanted is we are super used to it, it’s like a full
time job

Eleven CI users from 6 countries (Canada, Finland, Spain, UK, Brazil and Australia) shared their experiences with CI in the second CIICA CONVERSATION FOR 18-30 year olds with cochlear implants. Two therapists and an advocate attendee.

We discussed our communication challenges in public places and how we manage in specific scenario such as cafes, restaurants, concerts, conferences and other places you can think of! We may find ourselves feeling self isolated and left out from the group conversation due to background noise. This conversation covered some of questions below

  • Do you speak out or not?
  • Do you accept or not?
  • How do you change things?
  • How do you advocate for yourself?
  • Whose responsibility is it?

This inspiring conversation was led by John Lui (Australia), Jana Beneito (Spain) and Qais Khan (UK) and  this group of young people who have lived through the early times of cochlear implantation, through changing attitudes and technology clearly expressed:

  • The recognition of changing times and attitudes to CI
  • The need to recognize hearing and deaf identity as a CI user
  • The value of talking with others in the same situation
  • The need to advocate for adaptations and recognition – to push for change in society going forward

The summary of the conversation available: CIICA Conversation 18-30’s: Communication Challenges Summary