CIICA CONVERSATION for 18-30’s: What changes are needed?

The CIICA Conversation for 18-30’s focused on what changes are needed to improve the lives of cochlear implant advocates in society.

  • What changes do we want to see?
  • How can we make these changes happen?

It is like a hug. It feels like a massive hug when you, even though we are all kind of strangers we all have something in common and we all kind of can support each other and it is a special thing.

Hosted by Qais Khan (UK), Manu Malheiros (Brazil), and Holly Loach (UK).

Hosted by Qais Khan (UK), Manu Malheiros (Brazil), and Holly Loach (UK).

I think you are the future of our organisation… of CIICA.

The CIICA conversation provided a safe place to share your thoughts and experiences with others in a small group of young adults CI users from around the world.

The summary of the conversation is available below!

CIICA Conversation 18-30’s: What changes are needed? Summary

We will be hosting another CIICA Conversation 18-30’s in 2 months time. Watch this space! Please contact us if you would like to join and share with others what specific steps can we take to create accessible and inclusive society.

Every time you challenge situations like that you’re changing the world for the better, bit by bit…