CIICA CONVERSATION: Tinnitus and CI users: one person’s hiss is another person’s sizzle

The impact of tinnitus on CI users: one person’s hiss is another’s sizzle

Download the Summary – CIICA Conversation: Experiences of Tinnitus and Cochlear Implants

This CIICA Conversation allowed you to explore with others the impact of tinnitus on everyday life.

  • How much you are affected by your tinnitus?
  • In what situations does tinnitus disturb you most?
  • Do your friends and family understand how tinnitus impacts on you?
  • How do you describe it to them?
  • How does tinnitus impact on your audiology appointments?
  • Our experiences are all different.

Robert Mandara introduced the session following on from the previous ones, and Kelly Assouly, tinnitus researcher, shared with us the results of her study “The impact of tinnitus on adult CI recipients” exploring the impact of tinnitus on adult CI users, situations impacting tinnitus, tinnitus-related difficulties and tinnitus management strategies.

Read more on this research in the link below: