CIICA Conversations: How’s your social life going?

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When I was in a big group, in a social – the noise, environment, so everybody was talking over each other, and I always just smiled and nodded my head like that. And I was pretending that I understand everything, so I don’t. And when someone started to laughing, so I started laughing also.

The seventh conversation for young adults aged 18 to 30 with cochlear implants focused on how your social life is going.

  • Navigating friendships, groups, partners, dating, family members, best friends, and colleagues
  • Managing social life in your daily routine, such as going to the pub, handling first dates, dealing with dinner table syndrome, etc.

16 young adults with CI users from 11 countries participated in lively conversation.

I am constantly advocating for myself, asking this them to speak up. Telling them I cannot hear them. Asking them not to mumble. Asking them to look at me when they are talking to me. Stuff like that.