CIICA CONVERSATION: Travels with my Cochlear Implant

Download the Summary – CIICA Conversation Young Adults: Travels with my CI

Thirteen CI users from nine countries (Canada, France, the Netherlands, Finland, the UK, the USA, Brazil, Pakistan, Uganda) shared their experiences with CIs in the sixth CIICA CONVERSATION FOR 18-30-year-old young adults with cochlear implants. This discussion includes

  • What’s your experience travelling with your implant – at home and abroad

  • Have you any advice for people travelling with CI?

When you travel solo and you don’t have the hearing friends it makes the travelling ten times more nerve-racking.

For me it is just making sure I have all my equipment with me in my carry-on bag. Not my checked bag. If I lost my check bag I’m screwed – if I don’t have any chargers.

Hosted by Dennis Massar (Netherlands), Qais Khan (UK) and Jess Hissam (USA)

We can tell the airlines ahead of time we have a disability, but they don’t always recognise that.