The impact of the pandemic – what have we learned? Members’ views

The impact of the pandemic has been huge globally –   our first CIICA Conversations was about this topic and the summary of their views are at 

“ before the pandemic began I was absolutely afraid of using online tools, ….a meeting like this would have terrified me. … it’s just routine.” (user and advocate)

“ We need a balance of… …..Not to get rid of telepractice but to have a balance between that and meeting patients in the clinic, do both. “ (family Advocate)

Members’ Videos

Below you can see our Members’ videos on this topic: a range of users, families and service providers. Thanks to them all!

Catherine Birman
“So many people have told me they have been able to hear over zoom and the phone, thanks to their cochlear implants”
Bowen Tang
“Reset, Relearn and Regroup”
Darja Pajk
“Perhaps more people will understand the problems of people with hearing loss”
Eddie Mukaaya
(no sound)
Paige Stringer
“I have been so grateful for my cochlear implant in the pandemic”
Robert Mandara
“The pandemic forced me to confront and overcome my fears of video calls.”
Lidia Best
“One of the most important problems is communication – lack of availability of people’s faces and the possibility to lipread has been incredibly hard.”
Qais Khan
“Everyone around you is wearing a mask – you have no idea who is talking..”
Anita Grover
“We’ve also learned a lot from this experience; we’ve found new ways of working, new ways of communicating…”
Vahishtai Daboo
“The impact on mental health of families has been tremendous especially in India.”
Jenny Perold
“Although the pandemic has been such a tough time in so many ways it has taught us about the wonder of online access”
Leo De Raeve
“I would like to tell you about the experience of COVID on the education of deaf children.”
Katalin Gal
“The pandemic taught me how important creativity and resilience is in both therapy and advocacy”
Peter Helmout
“I would like to tell you something about the impact of the Pandemic in the Netherlands… it had its pros and cons”
Ingeborg Dhooge
“People are resilient, are creative and look for solutions”
Neelam Vaid
“With the right attitude no challenge is insurmountable”