CIICA LIVE: CI Advocacy: how do we do it?

Wednesday 7 July 2021 

I think CIICA has a very promising future and a great job ahead of it.It is a meeting point for everyone to take advantage of the experiences carried out in other countries and generate a great collective conscience. Joan Zamora, AICE, Spain



Thanks so much to those who enjoyed our first CIICA LIVE meeting in MAY – as requested by delegates, our second CIICA LIVE  event was about  user led CI advocacy across the globe. It was warmly chaired by Eddie Mukaaya, Uganda and member of CIICA Steering Group.

Advocacy work is key to driving forward the changes needed in CI provision -and although we live in different parts of the globe and have differing roles – many of the issues are similar. This CIICA LIVE session provided the keys to advocacy to influence public policy and practice for CI provision  and gave practical successful examples to inspire, with discussion about the next joint steps- using the CI evidence summaries for a joint press release. Please see the programme [Download] and the PDFs of the presentations below. The captioned  presentations themselves are available for all those who were in a challenging time zone below!  We think global…….

The programme and captioned presentations: 

  • Sue Walters shared with us the inspiring development of CICADA’s grass roots advocacy work in Australia  [Download PDF] See Sue’s presentation
  • Gal Katalin shared the key role of advocacy in developing CI for children in Romania after their late start and their future  [Download PDF] See Katalin talking.
  • Anita Grover, UK, combined passion with clarity in sharing the do’s and don’ts   of advocacy from her experience as a user and from 20 years working in government communications   [Download PDF]. See Anita  talking here.
  • Nic Russell, shared the three lessons learned from PINDROP’s long and successful campaign in New Zealand  [Download PDF]. See Nic here.
  • Brian Lamb, CIICA’s policy advisor, brought some of these ideas together in a Framework for Advocacy  [Download PDF] See Brian here.
  • Sue Archbold, led us to think about the challenges of advocacy with no budget, time or resources and the challenge Beatrice Cusmai gave last time to develop a template of a press release with 4/5 shared issues, which could be adapted for use in your country  [Download PDF]. See Sue talking here.
  • Finally, Holly Teagle summed up the event, with how inspiring it is to see how much is being done, how quickly CIICA is active globally – but we can also see how effective action is locally!   [Download PDF].See Holly summing up.

Summary of key themes of CIICA LIVE in July here (Download PDF)

We shared CIICAʼs new resources:

  • Children’s CI Advocacy: evidence from the World Report on Hearing
  • Adult CI Advocacy : evidence from the World Report on Hearing

Find all four summaries on the CI evidence from the World Report on Hearing at Translations coming!