There were 1283 responses to our global survey of adults with CI – what services would you like and what are you getting? This CIICA LIVE event explored some of the issues emerging from your responses.

This truly inspiring CIICA LIVE event, chaired by Leo De Raeve,  looked at the responses from across the globe on the issues  emerging from our adult survey. Topics included funding, rehabilitation, life-long care, peer group support, managing the technology, decision making  and counselling.

Our speakers were from across the globe: Stuart McNaughton, UK, Connie Myer, Canada, Fatema Jagmaag, India, Hernan Spotti, Argentina, Kathryn Chlosta, Netherlands, and Carole Willans, Canada. Participants were from 27 countries, and there was lively discussion in the chat room.

I didn’t even know what to ask for re rehab, but if I had had a peer mentor beforehand, maybe then I’d have been in a better position to ask for the rehab I clearly needed. 

There should be rehab for the families of CI adult recipients to prepare them for the journey and changes in family dynamics. 

Finance for lifelong services is so often ignored: people can’t afford the cost of spares and repairs.

The lively discussion was inspiring and there will be more! We are still analysing the 3,500 comments on the survey which are so thoughtful and will be the basis of a report on the services that adults get and they need.

Thanks to  you all for your insightful presentations. 

The presentations in the session were inspiring and full of really useful information and thinking on these important topics.

You can see the captioned videos of the presentations below (please click the image). The pdfs are also available if you click the sentence at the bottom of the slide. 

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Also the very beginning of Connie Mayer presentation is missing – we show you the title slide.

We hope that you find these really helpful.