CIICA LIVE: The Impact of the Pandemic on CI users, Families and Services

This, our fifth CIICA LIVE event, on the eve of International CI day and our first birthday, was on the topic of the Global Impact of the Pandemic on CI users, families and services.   Our global network shared  their experiences of the huge impact of the pandemic – in ways which may be obvious and others not so obvious.  What have we learnt and what do we need to think about for the future? How do we ensure that access to CI and the necessary lifelong services are fully recognised in spite of the challenges?

Thanks to Leo De Raeve (Belgium) our Acting Chair,  and Cathy  Birman (Sydney) for chairing so well and to PINDROP NEW Zealand for producing our compilation video. You can see this at

You can download pdfs of the presentations here and use the links to see the captioned presentations.



Please click the image to watch their video!

Hearing (Services) today and tomorrow. Adrian Davis 

Our global conversation about the pandemic. Anita Grover


Listening to children and families in India. Vahishtai Daboo


Adult CI users: our experience in the pandemic. Lidia Best


Real-life accessibility to hearing technologies. Michal Luntz


Students with cochlear implants in the pandemic: how are they doing? Connie Mayer


Cathy Birman summing up!

See our exciting programme here with information on the  speakers: Leo De Raeve, Cathy Birman, Adrian Davis, Anita Grover, Vahishtai Daboo, Lidia Best, Michal Luntz and Connie Mayer.   CIICA LIVE FEB 2022 PROGRAMME