CI SERVICES MATTER : Report of our global adult survey

Thanks to all who took part in our global survey – over 1,000 from 40 countries. There were very high satisfaction rates with CI but concerns about:

  • the lack of rehabilitation for adults
  • concerns about managing the technology in everyday life
  • the need for lifelong services 
  • lifelong funding

I need reassurance that my CI will work and be supported right up to the day I die.

It was clear that CI SERVICES MATTER.

This CIICA LIVE event gave details of the findings of this consultation, and of the key recommendations. The report was launched on Friday 3 November and a Briefing was made available to share with your members, colleagues and families. The CIICA LIVE event included young adults implanted as children and reporting as adults – for them lifelong services are many years.

Full programme available CIICA LIVE NOV 2023 PROGRAMME

The programme was chaired by Sue Archbold, Coordinator of CIICA, and welcomed by Leo De Raeve, Chair.  They were joined by Connie Mayer, Principal investigator, Canada, Lori Sammartino, CI user, USA, Jess Hissam, Young Adult CI user, USA, Harald Seidler, CI user, ENT and Vice Chair of CIICA, Germany, Nic Russell, PINDROP, NZ, Carmen Barreira Nielsen, Brazil, and Brian Lamb, Public Policy Advisor,UK.