CIICA LIVE: The Global Barriers to CI for children

Monday 16 May, 2022 

140 people from 35 countries registered for CIICA LIVE on The Global Barriers to CI for Children: our members from across the globe shared examples of these barriers:

Lack of awareness of the impact of hearing loss and of CI; funding, screening and diagnosis, lack of skills and expertise, parental information, managing the technology………and more.

How can we overcome these?  How do we provide equity of access?

There was plenty of passion, engagement in the chat room and inspiration for us all.

In this inspiring session, members from around the globe shared their challenges and how they are addressing these.

Thanks to everyone, very inspirational, thought provoking, and onwards to the next barriers to be removed.

really stimulating….. this was fabulous ! Thanks, all!…..very thought provoking – lots to think about!

PDFs  and captioned presentations here!

Eddie Mukaaya, Uganda: Funding and how do we get it?!

One way to get the government is to waive the taxes on hearing technologies

Paige Stringer, Global: Low and middle income countries: overcoming barriers

Outlining the major challenges – and some solutions. What are we going to DO? Paige makes a suggestion.

Teresa Escorza, Mexico: Rights not privileges, screening in Mexico

Working in Mexico for the rights for deaf children; fighting for early screening so that early implantation can take place

Ann Porter, Bianca Birdsey, Gobal: Guidelines and informed decision making

Ann discusses how imformed decisions can be made by families – information doesn’t lead to understanding

Luis Fernando, Ecuador: Support for families after CI surgery

We watched his son Gabriel playing his violin, and telling us: Deafness is invisible, but I am not!  
Luis shared the experiences in Mexico of providing support after CI, and the vital role of families.

Laia Zamora, Spain: Addressing the barriers for CI students in mainstream

Advocating with young people to overcome their barriers in mainstream schools- in building self esteem and addressing bullying.

Connie Mayer, Canada: Teacher of the deaf education: changed by CI?

There is an international shortage of therapists and teachers of the deaf; what is their role in the long-term in mainstream?

See the video of Gabriel Gonzales practising his violin: it took five years to get a CI for Gabriel and music provides so much stimulation.

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