CIICA LIVE: Young people with CI, our opportunities and challenges

CIICA LIVE: Young people with CI, our opportunities and challenges

Well done Jana! This has really made me think about how I can inspire others to speak out.

This inspiring session was chaired by Bowen Tang, CI User, and President of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People,IFHOHYP. Young CI users, contributed to this 90 minute session. Bowen (Canada) was joined by Jana Beneito (Spain), Helen Willis (UK/Singapore), Qais Khan, (UK), Maricris Ibayan (Philipines), John Lui (Australia), Daniyaal Munir (UK).

Young CI users and their families, and providers of services shared their experiences about the challenges and opportunities at home, school, higher education and work.

We can all learn from what the young people told us: as Bowen recently commented: “ We don’t know what we don’t know… our technology has to last us a lifetime… we need to take ownership of it”.

What can we learn and provide for their future services to ensure lifelong provision and maximise the benefits of CI for this new group of young people? Have a look!

Encouraging kids to self advocate is so important.

Brilliant speakers and lots to keep me inspired and trying to improve things!

CIICA LIVE SEP 2022 Programme

See the pdfs below and click on the speakers’ name by the photo to see the captioned video 









‘Young People with CI’ by Bowen Tang

‘Listening to Young People in School’ by Maricris Ibayan

‘Educating the Educators’ by Jana Beneito

‘Using the power of Cognitive Neuroscience for CI users’ by Helen Willis

‘Dealing with the workplace and the boss!’ by Qais Khan

‘CI services for young people: more than just sound and devices’ by John Lui

‘Future Technologies for CI Users’ by Daniyaal Munir